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Hello world! My name is Blaise Wilson, and I am a Feminist.

But I didn't used to be. In fact, this was me:

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That's right, I'm a rare Anti-Feminist turned Feminist. It's more common to see the reverse. However, I haven't changed my beliefs. I simply realised that I can be a Feminist within those beliefs. And I felt I should be upfront and honest about it, revealing my background myself. Before some self-righteous muppet decides too.

There are many reasons that contributed to my change of label. As an Anti-Feminist I was becoming dissatisfied. I felt I wasn't helping the people who actually matter, the real victims. I wanted to work towards something rather than against it, but couldn't accept the current mainstream interpretation of Feminism. After doing some research I discovered I could be a First Wave / Individual/ Libertarian Feminist and not only fight Third Wave Feminism, but also work towards helping real victims. Also it really annoys Radical and Intersectional Feminists, just look at their reaction to Christina Hoff Sommers.

Because Feminism is defined as 'the advocacy of equality for women.' As such I AM A FEMINIST. Because Feminism defines 'equality' to mean both Equality of Opportunity and Equality of Outcome, I am an OPPORTUNITY FEMINIST.

Thus, I have every right to be a Feminist, And I choose to be an Opportunity Feminist (1st Wave). However, by default this means standing against Outcome Feminism (2nd and 3rd Wave Feminism). In exactly the same way that being an Outcome Feminists means you must fight against Opportunity Feminists. But BOTH are valid definitions of Feminism.

If Outcome Feminists try to exclude me with the 'she's not a REAL feminist' True Scotsman logical fallacy then they need to have a discussion with the bods who write the dictionary to get Feminism defined better. Because I AM A FEMINIST. Also, excluding me would also exclude all First Wave Feminism from being 'true' Feminism and make the argument of 'look at all the great stuff Feminism has done for women' pretty invalid as First Wave Feminists did some really impressive things.

Change is internal. Feminism needs to change. I believe that it is only by being a Feminist that I can try to make Feminism better. Standing outside of Feminism yelling at it as an Anti-Feminist didn't work for me. I had to be a Feminist in order to make the changes I want to see happen. I had to be the change. I had to swallow my pride and become a Feminist in order to contribute towards some positives changes within Feminism. However, my method is not the only one. Those who wish to challenge Outcome Feminism in their own way are free to do so.

I believe in equality for women. I believe in equality of opportunity for women. And I do not believe it is suitable to use outcome to measure this. I believe that equal opportunities must come with equal responsibility and recognising women can be capable of not only great good, but also great evil. I believe that the overbearing protection of women oppresses them, discouraging them from taking risks. I believe we have reached a point in Western history in which male and female life should be equally valued.

There was another push which led me on this path, This:

This is the "EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK NATIONAL STATUTE FOR THE PROMOTION OF TOLERANCE" and within it, it makes it illegal to be an Anti-Feminist. Although it didn't pass this time, there are similar trends around the world pushing to make it illegal to criticise Feminism.

So, if you can't beat them. Join them. As a women I've been told again and again I MUST be a Feminist… Well, congratulations. Feminists, you win. I am now a Feminist.

You may regret making me one.

My opinions are my own, not those of the EgaFem community or my employer or my family. MINE.

Drew Roan – the Analytical Feminist
Gender: irrelevant
Age: irrelevant
Ethnic Origin: irrelevant
Country of Origin: In your fridge, eating your food.
Myers-Briggs: INTP

Hello everyone!

I am a long time feminist, amateur kickboxing and weight lifting enthusiast (with a preference for Strongman training). For my sins, I also have a strange love of philosophy, psychology, Magic: The Gathering and am a recovering long term Warhammer; 40,000 addict.

I do have a bit of a gob and I am not afraid to let people know what I really think of them, much to my disadvantage at times. I also have a strange love of debates about virtually anything. Give me a hat on a stand and I could probably strike up an argument with it if the topic is interesting enough.

Over the years I have watched as the feminism I grew up with and admired a huge amount has become increasingly filled with sexists and opportunists seeking to capitalise on the movement for their own game. I have watched as these self-described “gender feminists” have taken a good movement and turned it to rot with their anger, their unfair philosophies and their lack of credible evidence to many of their claims.

Above all else, I believe in justice and understanding. Facts and fairness must always come before personal feelings and opinions. Anecdotal evidence is only ever self-serving. As citizens of our respective countries, we have a duty not only to abide the law but an altruistic duty to be fair to others.

I am happy to have the opportunity to write for Egalitarian Feminists and hope that maybe one day, feminism will become an ideology where nobody is ashamed to identify with it. One that is fair to all people, not just a select few.


Izzy – Egalitarian Feminist Mascot
Gender: hermaphrodite
Age: All
Ethnic Origin: rare purple bonobo
Myres-Briggs: Izzy is a chimp

Being both a he and a she Izzy likes to be known as the Swedish 'hen'. Izzy is passionate about equality and it pains hen whenever inequality is found. Being both male and female hen has a vested interest in ensuring both genders get equal treatment. And being purple, rather than black or white hen is also inherently interested in the equality of colour.

Izzy shows a wide variety of emotion and being a bonobo hen prefers to make love, not war.

Egalitarian Feminists use Izzy as a test subject for equality. If Izzy get equal treatment as either gender and in any colour then equality has been achieved. However if Izzy is treated differently depending on what form – male, female or change in colour, then inequality has been discovered and highlighted.

Izzy also has a great sense of humour.

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