This is a summary of the actions Egalitarian Feminism is promoting. This list will change and grow over time as further studies are done.

These campaigns need Champions. People who can take them forward, develope them and run them. The campaigns do not need to be associated with Feminism, but can be decoupled in order to achieve the widest possible support.

If anyone is aware of any similar existing campaigns, please let us know.

Campaign: Rape - Recognising Women's Impact and Agency
Petition the UK Government: - available until September 2016.

The UK Rape law, part of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 (, does not currenly recongise women are capable of forcing a man to have sex with them. It is hugely gender bias - promoting women as victims and men as perpetrators. It encourages a rape culture against men, and dismisses women's impact and agency when they choose to be sexual deviants.

This promotes women as weak, incapable and denies them responsiblity and consequences for their actions. It treats women as children and this injustice needs to be addressed.

We propose the law recognises women's agency by changing the wording of the definition of rape to include envelopment.

Download and spread the image:

Campaign: Defined Feminism

This campaign centres on the promotion of Feminists being clearer about their definition of Equality, with emphasis on how they measure it. Feminists should identify if they are Outcome Feminists or Opportunity Feminists. Failure to do so can create misleading assumptions and puts Feminists at risk of creating further ambiguity or of being accused of misleading the general public and their supporters through purposely using a different definition of equality to the one assumed by supporters.

Through this definition the concept of 'Not All Feminists Are Like That' should become less pronounced as anti-feminists can be clearer about which type of Feminism they are oppose too, and possibly allow for increased support of certain aspects of Feminism from a wider pool.

By using these labels it will help create clearly defined goals for Feminism and help the movement gain additional powers in order to achieve their goal of equality.

Campaign (US): Wage Gap and the White House

The White House has declared a war on the Gender Wage Gap. So far their efforts have had little effect. Here are some suggestions for them to implement based on those discovered on the Outcome of Outcome Feminism Series (
  • Allowing employees to join a union
  • Paycheck Fairness Act – allow individuals to discuss their work contracts and benefits
  • Paid leave, including paid sick leave
  • Where benefits are given, provide it on an individual entitlement, not household
  • Scrap higher tax on second family earners
  • Paid new parent leave
Campaign: Appropriate Gender Wage Gap Measure

As established on the Outcome of Outcome Feminism series (, the Gender Wage Gap is an inappropriate measure if oppotunity and discrimination based the the false assumption that gender is a social construct.

Thus governments need to:
  • Investigate a more appropriate measure of opportunity and discrimination
  • Where the Gender Wage Gap is used, always separate full and part time workers in order to compare like for like and normalise for hours worked.
  • Investigate the suggested solutions (, peforming a trade-off analysis on effectiveness and the impact of the wider context. Implement the ones worth implementing
  • Discontinue solutions to the wage gap that break basic principles such as Positive Action and Quotas.
Here is a useful image of our 2013 UK Wage gap analysis. Please download and use it as you see fit.

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