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What is Egalitarian Feminism?

Video Summary

EgaFem believes that gender is not just a social construct but is impacted by biological factors. This means there can never be equality of outcome for men and women because they are influenced in different way, with different drivers, priorities and needs.

We reject the victim complex put on women. We think this is hugely damaging to women, oppressing them through fear and does not support their empowerment.

Denying women's agency and impact is hugely misogynistic. For women to be taken seriously at their best, they must be taken seriously at their worst. This includes accepting that women are capable of great evil and fully able to make their own decisions, including becoming a perpetrator of crime.

Patriarchy Theory
Egalitarian Feminism holds the belief that patriarchy (that men hold most of the resources and power, which is seen to oppress women) stems from the inequality of the value of the genders. EgaFem believes that male and female’s lives should be equally sacrosanct. Counter intuitively, legal and social changes need to be made to increase the value of men’s lives (reducing their disposability) to the same level of women.

EgaFem believes this will socially encourages women, empowering them to take increased risks, and gain the rewards (and failures) they currently don’t achieve. Thus, smashing the concept of patriarchy in which men earn the majority of the power and resources (which some feminists equat as the oppression of women) through risk taking.

For more info see: http://egafeminist.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/types-of-feminism-libertarian.html

Our Motto

We will fight any where ever we find inequality. With this in mind our motto is:

“A victim is a victim.”

What does this mean? It means regardless of who you are, regardless of who benefits and regardless of the disparity between the statistics we will fight. Even if women are the victims 99 times out of 100, the single male victim IS STILL A VICTIM and should be given the same rights and protection under law.

There is no 'this is a women's problem' and 'this is a man's problem.' Unless it can be demonstrated that there can never, will never and never has been a single victim of the opposite gender, it will be seen as 'this is a human problem.' It should not be a competition of victimhood.

In addition to this
"A perpetrator is a perpetrator."

Excuses should not be made based on gender. Women are capable of great harm. They should not be denied this right or agency.

What are your goals?

Our mission statement is:

“To create equality for men and women through discussing cultural, social, moral and political factors and petitioning for legal change for the betterment of humanity through the EgaFeminist website, within the constraints of biology, personal responsibility and taking capability into account.”

Egalitarian Feminism's definition of equality is:

Equal opportunity for every individual.

This will be done by breaking this statement down into smaller component parts, researching and investigating, applying testable measures of effectiveness to them and highlighting where action can be taken.

We not only aim to suggest an equal solution for all, but if these solutions are implements, to ensure they produce the expected overall aims of equality.

As such we will also analyse current solutions and check if they promote equality between all sexes, including all trans-gender and sexual orientations. If they do not we may make suggestions on how equality may be gained.


We believe in Individual Liberal Principles. These are fundamental rights we believe everyone should have. Where these principles are broken, we will try to highlight it.

In addition to Equality of Opportunity, we believe in the constraints of:
  • Personal Liberty and Responsibility
  • Rule of Law
  • Free Markets (fair and equal competition)
  • Freedom of Assembly
  • Freedom of the Press
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Thought
  • Political Freedom
We believe the message should hold it's own merit, and should not be judged by the messenger. We believe that people should be judged by their personal actions, abilities and accomplishments – not by the colour of their skin, their gender or any other collective body they are part of.

Testing a Solution

A simple test will be employed – the #NounSwap

In order to test a solution a scenario will be given. The scenario will then be repeated and the nouns of gender, colour, sexual orientation and so forth will be traded out for another. If the normal social reaction, or legal outcomes changes this will not be deemed equal.

True equality is blind to colour, gender, race and so forth. So when we swap one noun for another the results should remain the same.

Our Values

However, equal opportunities creates unequal outcomes.

And in a profit making society in which there are limited funds these need to be taken into account. Barriers into professions for all who wish to enter should be equal. But not everyone will want to do them. In professions based on sponsorship, such as blogging or sports, the available income is generated within the system. As such limited funds are available and must be distributed within the free-market society. So some people maybe paid more than others based on popularity of their sphere.

Egalitarian Feminists believe in personal choice, individual freedom and individual responsibility. We will fight to uphold these values.

Individual responsibility will include concepts like personal safety and the impact others have on each other. This includes campaigns that effectively belittle real problems.

Equality should not come at the expense of capability where there is risk to life.

Evidence Based

Here at Egalitarian Feminists we believe that scientific evidence should be used where possible. This will include analysing the evidence to check it for quality and bias. Where others have provided evidence we hold the right to examine the evidence and judge it accordingly. Often this will include taking opposing views and arguments and comparing them. This may include recommending using certain statistics over others if they disagree.

Getting Help

When problems are highlighted and discussed we reserve the right to include external links to useful information and support. Because a “Victim is a Victim” the support suggested may come from a variety of sources, including websites that may be considered Men's Rights Activists or hold Feminist ideologies. The aim is to provide useful and compassionate support for all victims.


We believe a great many things, not limited to those mentioned here. But another thing we truly believe in is open, honest and constructive debate. Nothing should be above criticism, and that includes us. We welcome constructive feedback, questions and thoughts BUT name calling and abuse will be ignored.

Legitimate threats, ongoing harassment and serious abuse will be treated as such and maybe reported to the local authorities for investigation.


  1. As a female victim of female perpetrators living in a community where the sexual assault centers are run by women unable to acknowledge that women harm, I am overwhelming grateful that you are on the planet. Here in Vancouver, our sexual assault centre (Women Against Violence Against Women) actually held an event to honour a feminist therapist despite knowing that she had exploited (and yes that included sexually) her own clients. (see http://tinyurl.com/j39t99v) so thank you for your work.

    Bernadine Fox

    1. Wow, thank you! I'm going to start a word document that contains all the lovely messages of support for EgaFem for when I feel down or think it doesn't matter. This message will be amazing as part of that, so thank you for saying it!

      Your messages also influenced one of our articles: http://egafeminist.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/rape-denial-of-womens-impact-and-agency.html none of the research had included female victims, so your message spured me to include both male and female victims. Thanks!