Wednesday, 18 October 2017

... Well, I thought I was back

Hey all, Blaise here.

My last update was about 6 months ago. I didn't mean for it to be this long, but once again my health and available time has been a barrier to EgaFem content both here and on YouTube.

I do enjoy writing and posting content for others to read, and I'm not making any promises but I may try to add more opinionated pieces which are easier to write and do not need heavily levels of research as some of my best work. However, I do enjoy it and that will help me get better.

I read some advice a while ago that I didn't take - in order to get better you need to practise. And in order to have the time to practise sometime you need to lower the quality. I am obsessed with accuracy and dislike to write on a topic without a decent amount of research - however, if I allow that sometimes I will be wrong and make it clear that my opinions are flexible with the right evidence put in front of me then perhaps I can open up and start to write more. These writings can turn into videos as I do enjoy having it all written and my thoughts in order before recording them.

Time is still a huge factor. I am still attempting to do way too much and it is no wonder I burnt out and became sick with the amount of stress was under. I still am under a lot of stress but self-care is hugely important and I find writing really helps with that.

What's important is that I am having fun and enjoying myself in my journey - while hopefully building up a following so when I am ready to get back into the real work and start making actual change I will have enough influence to get the ball rolling.

Again, no promises. Let's just wait and see how this works out and go with the flow. No pressure, just fun.

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