Saturday, 2 April 2016

Campaign: Rape - Recognising Women's Impact and Agency

Update 28/09/2016: new petition has been launched - let's get this one debated in parliament!

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Author: Blaise Wilson

Egalitarian Feminism didn't write this petition, but we support it. This petition needs to reach 100,000 UK signatures before September 2016. The sooner the better to send a strong message to the UK Government that this is a serious issue.

If you're not part of the UK, please spread the word and advertise it. The more people who spread it the better. Once the UK change their law, it will put pressure on other countries to follow suit.

Sign and Share:

Share it on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and every other social media outlet. But don't stop there! Tell your friends and family. Get the message out in as many ways as possible. And spam this to any YouTube personalities, politicians, feminists, twitters accounts you think would be interested. Check out this page for ideas of who to send it to:

Here is a useful image that summarizes the petition. Download and share it - but if you make any changes please ensure the link to the petition is included.

If you have twitter, please retweet this:

— Egalitarian Feminism (@EgaFem)

And for all your feminist friends out there:

Here is a useful summary on why this is a feminist issue. Please download it and use it to support the campaign and send it to all the feminists you know.

If the feminist believes in true equality, at all levels and not only when it is convenient to women they should support this petition and help spread the word.

It doesn't matter if they are Opportunity or Outcome Feminists, as this issue impacts both. Women should have equal outcome as their actions should be equally recognised to men. Forcing someone to have sex is rape. Women should have equal outcome and opportunity under law to men when they choose to commit the same crime.

However, if they believe in female supremacy, that women are incapable of evil or are a 'special case' then they don't believe in equality, and can't be feminists. This isn't a 'true scotsman' logical fallacy, but the very definition of feminism is to believe women are equal to men, especially through their actions and should be treated equally by society and law. If they don't believe women should be equal, they are not feminists.

Only a misogynist would deny women their impact and agency. Only someone who doesn't believe women are capable would claim they cannot chose to commit wrongdoings based on their gender. If women's wrong doings are not recognised, if they shouldn't be held equal to men, then why should the good women do be equally recognised? If women are a 'special case' that should be treated carefully, as if women are poor fragile pieces of glass then why should women be paid equally? Why should women be given equality when they are good girls, if they have less responsiblity, impact and agency to men?

Either you believe women should be equal, or you don't. You don't get to pick to and choose equality only when it benefits women.

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