Saturday, 9 July 2016

Summary: Types of Feminism

Types of Feminism:
Summary of Types of Feminism: This article
Libertarian and Egalitarian Feminism:
Liberal and Marxist Feminism:
Radical and Socialist Feminism:
Intersectional Feminism:
International Feminism:
Other Types of Feminism:

Author: Blaise Wilson

Video summary of the Type of Feminism series:

To round off our Types of Feminism series, here is a handy dandy picture that can be downloaded and used.

Please see the links above for more information on these, and on additional types of feminism. This picture only include the most dominant forms, but there are plenty more! Many of them have multiple names, so again please check the links above.

If you were a feminist, or are one already - what kind are you?

There is lot of supporting evidence behind that simple summary. Follow the links at the top for a more indepth analysis and other types of less dominant forms for feminism.

The main reason we made this infograph is to highlight the term 'feminism' include a vast variety of ideologies - many of which are competing. Hopefully it will help people target specific foundations and sub-types of feminism e.g. Radical Feminism spews a lot of hate and should be called out on their misandry. But Radical Feminism does not represent all feminists such as Christina Hoff Sommers.

The hope is individuals can promote forms of feminism they approve off, while fighting the toxic elements and hopefully change the course of feminism's future.

This is based on the assumption Feminism HAS a future, as we don't think it is going to die. Change is easier and more likely that killing it.

Edit 18/06/2016: After some well rounded feedback in the comments the chart has been updated. 'Marxist/ Outcome Feminism' was changed to just 'Outcome Feminism'. Also changed the gender section on the Radical Feminism part to indicate the dispute between gender being and not being 100% a social construct.

Edit 09/07/2016: added the Type of Feminism video and released article with a change of date


  1. Real feminism ended with the 14th Amend.

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