Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Blaise's Opinions: New Words of Hate

With Social Justice Warriors and Intersectional Feminism on the rise, I feel there are a few words I would like to propose adding to our lexicon.

Cisism: the hate of cis-gendered people

This is already being used as a twitter hashtag, and there are plenty of examples.


Mascaphobia: The hate of all MRA's.

First use:

Mascaphobia is the hate of all Mens Rights Activists, or anyone who remotely stands up for men's issues. Often people call them misogynist before blocking not only them, but all of their followers. The key point here is to equal all MRA's as one ideology, one method and one voice, in the same way islamophobia and homophobia uses sterotypes to justify their hate and fear. Often the block helps protect the masacphoic from the fear of hearing a narrative, or seeing facts and evidence that contradicts the macaphobs.


Femaphobia - the hate of Feminism and Feminists

First use:

Femaphobia is the hatred of all feminists, regardless of ideology. This effectively equates feminists such as Christina Hoff Sommers with Andrea Dworkin and hating them on an equal level because they both use the term 'feminist', even though they have opposing ideologies. This dismisses the long history and the huge variety of forms of feminism into one group that a Femaphob hates, possible through fear of the power that feminism has welded in the past and continues to do so, such as changes in the law to suit women but oppress men (e.g. the hugely biased Duluth Model used in family courts to remove children from their Fathers).

Femaphobia should not be confused with Anti-Feminism, Misogyny, or those who target specific types of feminism they hate. It is for use when someone hates all feminists equally without distinguishing between types of feminism (e.g. Intersectional, Radical, Freedom, Choice etc.)


What do people think? Would these terms be useful? Do they add value to a conversation?

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