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EgaFem's Campaign Stakeholders

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Author: Blaise Wilson

What are Stakeholders?

A stakeholder is "a person, group or organization that has interest or concern in an organization." [1]

These are the people that should be taken into account, listened too, and considered when making any decision. Such considerations might include how a decision might impact a stakeholder, or what the stakeholder might think of something, or how the stakeholder will influence and interact with the decision.

Not all stakeholders are equal. Although they should all be considered, and some consulted, some stakeholder's are more important than others. However, a stakeholder is anyone with an interest or concern, not only those who agree with you but also those who oppose you.

When stakeholder's desires conflict, a trade-off analysis should be done to determine what compromises, if any, could be made. Prioritising the stakeholders into importance helps do this. For example, women may be negatively impacted in the short term, but this may be acceptable if they are significant benefited in the long term.

There will often be unique stakeholders that are impacted in certain decisions, and so a new stakeholder analysis should be done for every decision made to ensure everyone has been considered. For example, when discussing issues of rape a unique stakeholder to consider are rape victims, and perpetrators of rape.

Yes, this means considering perpetrators and the impact a decision has on them. People who commit the most heinous of crimes are still human, and thus are still worthy of having the base principles applied to them. Making a decision that benefits the victim, but may cause such devastation to the perpetrator that they have no choice but to become worse (e.g. can't get a job afterwards and must turn to crime to survive) may not be a great decision to take forward as it may cause further victims in future.

The first step it to identify the stakeholders, then try to understand them and their needs.

EgaFem's Campaign Stakeholders

We have identified some individuals and groups that might be interested in EgaFem's campaigns. This list is not exhaustive and may change over time.

Stakeholders can comment, input and even support or disagree with individual campaigns without being part of the EgaFem community, nor supporting or disagreeing with EgaFem as a whole. Their actions towards specific campaigns should only apply to that specific campaign. In other words an individual might support campaign x but disagree with and stand against campaign y. And neither stance should be taken as endorsement or opposition to EgaFem as an organisation unless the stakeholder has explicitly stated this.

Stakeholder Priorities

The priorities of stakeholders will change depending on the campaign or decision. But the principles of EgaFem will always take precedence within any decision, over the desires of stakeholders - even EgaFem's Director.

However, generally those who will be most impacted by a decision (e.g. victims and perpetrators) will be given the highest consideration. The EgaFem Community will also always be a highly considered stakeholder (which is the main benefit of joining the community).

Individual influential stakeholders may be targeted and invited for input, however they are under no obligation to contribute to the discussion.

Decisions are made by the EgaFem Director, after research and input from stakeholders. They also take on the responsibility of that decision and are the main risk holder.

These lists are not ordered in priority.

Identified Stakeholder Groups
EgaFem Community
Website readers
Men's Rights Activists (MRA)
Feminists (all types)
Anti-Feminists ( all types)
Honey Badger Brigade
Men in the short term (3 years or less)
Men in the long term (more than 4 years)
Women in the short term (3 years or less)
Women in the long term (more than 4 years)
MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way)
A Voice for Men
Feminist Organisations (all)
UN Women
Everyday Sexism
Women Against Feminism UK
Ms. Magazine
Bitch Media
The F-Word
GamerGate (GG)
Anti-GamerGate (aggGG)
Governments (specifically UK and US)
The Media
Suggestions welcome…
Influential Individual Stakeholders
Anita Sarkeesian
Christina Hoff Sommers
Milo Yiannopoulos
Grumpy Purple Sloth
Sargon of Akkad / Carl Benjamin
Turd Flinging Monkey
Camille Paglia
Janice Fiamengo
Shoe on Head
Lauren Southern
Cathy Young
Dean Esmay
Jon Roson
Bill Maher
Chris Rock
Janet Bloomfield
Adam Baldwin
Maajid Nawaz
Katie Hopkins
Big Red
Malala Yousafzai
Caitlin Moran
Hillary Clinton
Zerlina Maxwell
Sheryl Sandberg
Dr Helen Pankhurst
Sofia Djama
Natasha Walter
Laura Bates
Julie Bindel
Jessica Valenti
Laurie Penny
Jessica Luther
The Amazing Atheist
Paul Joseph Watson
Karen Straughan
Shelby Knox
Cassie Jaye
Stefan Molyneux
Daddy Warpig
Martin Daubney
Thunderf00t / Phil Mason
Armoured Skeptic
Blaise Wilson
Drew Roan
Suggestions welcome…


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