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Blaise’s Opinions: Patriarchy vs. Third Wave Feminism – Part 2

Author: Blaise Wilson

Caveat: These are the thoughts and ramblings of Blaise Wilson, they do not represent the EgaFem Community as a whole. They are often poorly researched and highly biased. They are useful to start a discussion on a topic. Comments, debate, evidence for and against, and feedback are welcome.

Blaise’s Opinions: Patriarchy vs. Third Wave Feminism – Part 1:
Blaise’s Opinions: Patriarchy vs. Third Wave Feminism – Part 2: This article

Patriarchy is Love hypothosis:

As an Opportunity Feminist, I often struggle with the dominate Outcome Feminism view of the world. However, under our ‘Patriarchy is Love’ hypothesis we postulated that the oppression of women does not come from hate, but come from a protective love of society trying to keep women safe.

This made me wonder, with their often infantilising and fearmongering assertions they think keep women from harm, does Third Wave Feminism have much in common with an ultra-patriarchal state such as Saudi Arabia?

Marriage, Divorce and Multiple Partners
Marriage is Saudi is a contract between a women's male guardian and her husband. There has even been an instance when the male guardianship changed (her father died) and her brother decided to divorce her from her husband, despite them being happily married and fought against the divorce. Although forced marriage is technically illegal the contract doesn't really include the woman's opinion. Also a man is allowed up to four wives, so long as he can support each equally. In a divorce the children are pretty much automatically given to the Father. After a divorce or death of her husband the women’s guardianship reverts back to her closest male relative.

In the Outcome Feminist Western Culture when a marriage breaks down it is pretty much always the women who gets the kids... and the house and child support. This is mostly due to the fact that men are the main providers and cannot leave work in order to raise the kids, so it makes sense to continue to let the women, who is often the main caregiver, continue in that role. In Saudi a man may have multiple wives who can take care of the children even if one women dies or leaves.

By having children by different men, women can effectively have multiple child support cheques from different men. Although not married to them at the same time (or at all) but not far off polyandry. And because of the women often gains the house and alimony, men have started to see marriage as too risky and avoiding it, even if they have children [32, 33].

Education and Work
In Saudi some jobs are reserved for men. Women are only allowed to take jobs that don't restrict them being mothers and raising children. Being a mother is considered the highest and most important job a woman can, and should, do. Although education is opening up in most areas due to the gender segregation they are limited to which roles they can apply for. But jobs are also created for them. Female only banks and other jobs are opening up that men are not allowed to apply for.

And in Saudi women are highly educated. They graduate at a higher rate than men. The same is true of the Outcome Feminist Western Culture as men fall behind both in number and results of education [34, 35].

Also in the Outcome Feminist Western Culture high end jobs are creating unofficial and official quotas for women for certain jobs (despite employing people on grounds of gender being illegal). This effectively reserves jobs for women that are now unattainable for men [36]. And women are starting to earn more than men in some instances [37, 38].

In Saudi Arbia they have religious police known as mutaween. They can enforce Sharia Law through punishments ranging from fines to imprisonment. Crimes include a women talking to a non-relative male.

Outcome Feminism has Twitter and mob mentality.

Through high profile viral campaigns Outcome Feminism is enforcing its own laws and consequences. For example Manspreading. For those uninitiated into the mainstream Feminist circle, Manspreading is when a guy leaves his legs wide open when sitting. Hardly a legal requirement for a man to not be comfortable while in a public space but that hasn't stopped men being arrested for it [39].

In the meantime some Feminists think they can decide what men can, and should, be attracted too. Claiming that to point out a women should lose a few pounds and is currently unattractive is Fat Shaming [40].

And when someone does or says something Feminism doesn't like they use their power to have them chased from their jobs, even when they are then proven to have been joking [41].

And women shouldn't even take self-defence classes because society should protect them, they shouldn't have to defend themselves – that's victim blaming [42]. This is the ultimate in Outcome Feminism actually promoting patriarchy by teaching women not to take responsibility for themselves, expecting men to do it for them.

Even to the point where basic human rights are ignored as due process and innocent till proven guilty are out the window with Title IX and the Yes Means Yes Campaigns [43].

Laws Against Criticism
In Saudi Arabia it is against the law to criticise the religion of Islam.

In the Outcome Feminist Western Culture they are trying to make it illegal to criticise Feminism. And for those worried about Poe's Law – no this is not a parody. This is reality.

Not only did some Outcome Feminists attempt to have a man sent to jail for disagreeing with them [53], but they are also trying to make being an Anti-Feminist illegal.

In America this is primarily through the Title IX law, which can now be used to silence anyone who disagrees with women, refuses to do a job for them or saying something they find offensive [44]. Details on what Title IX is can be found in the references [46].

However in the EU they are trying to outright ban being an anti-feminist. They are equating it to intolerance. The law has gotten past the first hurdle and is to be debated as law in the EU [47]. As an Opportunity Feminist I believe in principles, including the freedom of thought, should apply to all. If individuals want to be Anti-Feminists that is their choice. Those who oppose your ideology should be met with well-constructed arguments and evidence – not be forced into submission.

Yes, you read right – it may soon be ILLEGAL to be an ANTI-FEMINIST in the EU. So much for freedoms and principles.

The Future of Outcome Feminist Western Culture – Islamic Inspiration
Outcome Feminism is becoming more like Islam every day. And I'm not the only person who’s noticed it [48].

During this thought experience, as I thought Outcome Feminism couldn’t degrade itself any more - but I kept I finding more similarities. The face-palming was intense. However, here are a few ideas the Outcome Feminists could be inspired by:

In Saudi women cover up to save their modesty and to respect their God and religion. Outcome Feminism demands men don't even look at women (that's Stare Rape), but women should be allowed to dress as anything, even walk about naked. One way this can be addressed is to pass a law that men must wear blinkers while in public. And be led about by a female-relative. Kind of like a horse. This would also require a man have a female-relative as a guardian to ensure he doesn't rape anyone while in the public domain.

In Saudi men receive twice the inheritance than women. In the West it was also common for the oldest male child to inherit everything, leaving all their siblings – including older female siblings, with nothing. This oversight can be corrected by ensuring that women, for a time, gain twice as much as their male counterparts to even the score.

In Saudi there is a safe space in the home. Men are not allowed in this area – it is reserved for women. It is where women can escape from the men in their lives and be with other women. Feminists should demand that Western homes ensure a safe place for women – maybe even a Panic Room for women in which men are not allowed on pain of the police being called for trespassing.

Seriously Outcome Feminists. You have a hell of a lot in common with the patriarchy of Saudi Arabia… are you sure you’re Feminism-ing right?

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