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Blaise’s Opinions: Patriarchy vs. Third Wave Feminism – Part 1

Author: Blaise Wilson

Caveat: These are the thoughts and ramblings of Blaise Wilson, they do not represent the EgaFem Community as a whole. They are often poorly researched and highly biased. They are useful to start a discussion on a topic. Comments, debate, evidence for and against, and feedback are welcome.

Blaise’s Opinions: Patriarchy vs. Third Wave Feminism – Part 1: This article

As an Opportunity Feminist, I often struggle with the dominate Outcome Feminism view of the world. However, under our ‘Patriarchy is Love’ hypothesis we postulated that the oppression of women does not come from hate, but come from a protective love of society trying to keep women safe, which protects them from the failure of risk and personal responsibly, but also protects them from the rewards of success.

This made me wonder, with their often infantilising and fearmongering assertions they think keep women from harm, does Third Wave Feminism have much in common with an ultra-patriarchal state such as Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia and Feminist Western Culture Comparison

I'll start with the similarities then move onto issues where Saudi Arabia has some differences that Third Wave Feminists might yet be inspired by. This was the gift that kept on giving – the result of which is this is a two part post.

Protection for Women
Both Saudi Arabia and Feminism have the same good intentions – to protect women. It is, however, suggested that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Both try to protect women from physical attack and abuse, however Third Wave Feminism goes one step further by protecting women's feelings – with a popular meme linked to this kind of Feminism of “your rights end where my feelings begin.'

Both reduce women's individual choice, disallowing them to make their own decisions and belittle them to the point of children. In Saudi this is done through a male guardian who has to make all the women's decisions for them.

However, some Feminists have decided that women should not make choices based on their own personal happiness and that their version of Feminism should make the decisions for them, for the greater good of womankind [7] and a variety of feminist campaigns are belittling women's ability to consent or make their own choices [8]. Some Feminists goes as far as demanding all women are, by default, Feminists – robbing them of the personal freedom to choose their own ideology (however, they should be careful what they wish for, as this encouraged me to become a Feminist – just not the kind they approve of!).

In Saudi a women's statement is worth half that of a man's in law, and it takes six men to provide enough evidence for a women to prove her identity [2].

The 'Yes Means Yes' Campaign could be argued to reducing the right of Innocent until Proven Guilty and creating a 'his word against hers' justice, in which he needs to provide evidence, while she doesn't. This effectively gives women more voice under law.

Dress Codes
In Saudi Arabia women are expected to cover up completely, with only the hands and eyes showing. Normally in all black. It is against the law otherwise, with harsh punishments.

Some rabid Outcome Feminists also have dress codes, they are enraged when men wear shirts they see as sexist, and claiming this is what stops women from joining STEM. Even if the gentleman in question managed a huge scientific feat, and the shirt in question was a gift from a female friend [9]. They shame men and other women when they wear tops they disagree with their Feminist viewpoint [10]. It has gotten so bad some have claimed they have a Feminist Fashion police [11].

Although the dress code set out by Outcome Feminists isn't as harsh as Saudi Arabia (yet) there are clear ramifications and judgement, forcing others to conform to a set standard by the mainstream Feminist Culture that makes them feel comfortable.

In Saudi Arabia there is gender segregation throughout. In shops, banks, restaurants and so forth. Many Western facilities are non-existent, such as clubs as alcohol is banned. In other areas women are not allowed at all such as gyms and some government buildings.

In the couch fainting Feminist Western Culture 'safe spaces' for women are being provided by universities and events to ensure they have women only areas for them to escape too, away from men and ideas that might offend or upset them [12, 13]. Some of them have Feminist colouring books and videos of puppies along with counsellors.

There are also a range of women only clubs and restaurants opening [14] and some shops are creating segregated timed openings [15]. In the clubs and restaurants men are only allowed in with a female escort – the reverse of the Saudi rule.

Women in Saudi are not allowed to drive and public transport is very limited or refuses to take them entirely, this limits their freedom of movement. Outcome Feminism demands 'safe spaces' on public transport – ensuring women are safe from Stare Rape while travelling on a train or bus. This would naturally limit men's movements as they would struggle to get on the already overcrowded public transport [49].

Rape, Sexual Assault and Stranger Danger

In Saudi there are no specific laws to protect against rape. However when it happens the punishment for men ranges from flogging to death. But, the women is sometimes also blamed and punished.

Within UK and US law, heavily influenced by the Outcome Feminist Patriarchal Theory, ‘made to penetration’ is not rape – thus women can't rape a man (expect by using an implement). And these Feminists push that men can't help themselves and do not know that rape is bad, hence the 'teach men not to rape' campaign [16]. Saudi have a similar approach, however they address this by asking women not to flaunt themselves in front of men and covering up. Outcome Feminism encourages the opposite, through slut-walks in response to a suggestion that they shouldn't be so provocative when they go out [17].

While Saudi doesn't recognise women's plight, Outcome Feminism is keen to cover up female rapists [18], even going as far as punishing male victims of statutory rape, forcing them to pay child support if their rapist gets pregnant [19].

In Saudi women are not allowed to talk to non-relative males. But in mainstream Feminist Western Culture due to the prevalence of women calling rape under the 'Yes Means Yes' campaign men fear for their reputations and livelihoods, and are avoiding women [20].

And then there are the horrific honour killings. In Saudi women who are raped are sometimes murdered by their families to cover the shame brought on them.

Outcome Feminism, although as far as I know haven't directly murdered anyone yet [50] are calling for and possibly contributing to the deaths of men- mostly over reputation. Although the twitter hashtag #killallmen is said to be a joke [21] some Feminists are not only calling for the reduction of the male populace to 10% but have done calculations to ensure their theory is sound and have step by step plans on how to get there [22]. I really hope that article was Poe’s Law, but it is very hard to tell.

There is also assassination though reputation by forcing employers to fire people who make jokes about feminism, even if they are later vindicated [23].

But then, why kill someone when they are busy doing it themselves? In the UK the leading cause of death for young men is suicide [24]. And some suicides have been linked to divorce courts [25, 26], in which the high biased Outcome Feminist Duluth model [51] is used.

The honour killing of men, without a women raising a finger – the ultimate in a women getting a man to do the job for her. And society not only allows for this but support it through a mixture of apathy towards men's issues and causing them (which by our ‘Patriarchy is Love’ hypothesis, actually increases the oppression of women).

Domestic Violence
Domestic violence against women has only recently become recognised by law in Saudi. It is often behind closed doors and difficult for women to escape, especially if the source is her male guardian.

In the mainstream Feminist Western Culture male victims tend to go unnoticed and unsupported. To the point that Feminism is determined to ensure that it stays a women's issue, even if their figures of up to 90% of the victims are correct (the evidence on male victims ranges from 10 to 50% depending on what statistics you use [27, 28]) this still leaves 10% of victims as male. Is a victim not a victim due to their gender? In the UK the official statistics put male victims at close to 40%, with a ratio of over 100:1 safe spaces for battered women verses men [52].

The narrative that only women matter is so embedded in western culture that the US Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), despite being written as gender neutral, clearly makes a statement that men are irrelevant through it's very title. It has also been highlighted as causing further laws to discriminate against men [29], even though officially it is meant to protect both genders [30].

There is very little recognition and support for men as a result, and men feeling that even if they did complain they would be laughed at. When the founder of the first women's shelter, Erin Pizzey, saw men being harmed too and wanted to create a shelter to help male victims (regardless of how many there are statistically) she was terrorised and forced to leave the country, after receiving a multitude of death threats, her mail had to be diverted to the bomb squad and her family dog was shot [31].

To Be Continued here:


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