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Blaise’s Opinions: Hierarchy of Oppression

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Author: Blaise Wilson


"I, an ethnic minority woman, cannot be racist or sexist towards white men, because racism and sexism describes structures of privilege based on race and gender. And therefore women of colour and minority genders cannot be racist or sexist because we do not stand to benefit from such a system." - Bahar Mustafa, a student union diversity official at Goldsmiths University in London, May 2015, on Facebook [1].

So, I have a number of issues with this. The re-definition of the term ‘racist’ is concerning, especially when I’ve seen similar re-definitions of rape which classifies all ‘penis in vagina’ (PIV) as rape [2] because men have power over women, and as a group women can’t fight men – so sex is always a man forcing himself onto a women because women cannot give meaningful consent (however, this concept has be refuted as being a false rumour spread to discredit radical feminism [3]).

Another problem I have is the collectiveness grouping, lumping everyone of a similar characteristic into one group and then applying rules to that group. This is the actual definition of racist/ sexist / bigotry.

When you start calling all men oppressors and rapists, all women as victims and then add intersectional layers over the top you get a right mess. You get a hierarchy of oppression in which those beneath others can do no wrong against those above them. Because those above them oppress those below and fighting against your oppressors is seen as a good thing. Think Robin Hood.

Are my concerns a ‘slippery slope’ logical fallacy? Or simply the next logical step? We’ve already seen words have their definition changed to suit the Intersectional Feminists and Social Justice Warriors (SJW). What other words are up for grabs? Rape? Theft? Murder?

The concept of grouped oppression is inherently bigoted by stereotyping individuals and treating them by a collective judgement, either as eternal victims or oppressors. This concept says ‘those on the bottom of the oppression list can’t commit a crime against those above them, they can only commit crimes against their peers.’

So, first we need to establish the hierarchy of oppression, work out where everyone sits. Then we can see how this works in theory, then see if this is working in practise with a recent example.

We will assume the hierarchy is based on opportunity due to wealth and education based on groups and ignore wealthy individuals who do not fit into these stereotypes. We’ll also stick to the US and UK Western cultures.

So I was going to pull up a load of evidence and stats, and then remembered this is an opinionated post, based on my personal perspective. So I’ll save myself some time and assume I’m right and crack on with the post. If you disagree, please make that known.

This concept is based on intersectionality [5] in which you combine oppressions.

So, let us give this a go. However, the rich oppressing the poor will be ignored because we are only interested in characteristics of groups not class.

Hierarchy of Oppression
  • Men oppress Women
  • Heterosexuals oppress Homosexuality, Bi and A-sexual
  • The Able oppress the Disabled
  • White oppresses everyone else (even Asians who statically are better off as a group), but especially blacks. All non-blacks/white are somewhere in between (Hispanics, Arabs, etc)
  • Citizens oppress Immigrants
  • Cis genders oppress Transgender/ Gender Fluid
For example an Able Cis White Heterosexual Men within his own country (citizen) is the pinnacle of privilege, the least oppressed.

This becomes harder when you start to intersect groups, because it is hard to tell the relevant oppression between groups.

Do all men oppress all women? What about a black/non-white immigrant men versus a white female citizen?

I’m going to have a bit of fun with this, cos I’m a geek who loves her job. I’m going to apply some Decision Analysis to this. Basically I’m going to assign each category with a number. The lower the number the more oppressed you are, the higher the more privileged. A sensitivity analysis can be done to find how susceptible to error the numbers are and provide some validity, but that won’t be done this time round.

Let us start with the simplest system and see how that goes.

Weighting: Simple
Aliment (inc mental)
Homosexual, Bi, A-sexual
Gender Identity

We’ll give this a test.

At the top, the least oppression, most privileged of the hierarchy is the Male, White, Able, Heterosexual, Citizen, Cis Gendered.

Male, White, Able, Heterosexual, Citizen, and Cis Gendered: 13/13

At the bottom we have:

Women, Black, Disabled, Homosexual, Immigrant, and Transgender: 6/13

And everyone else is in between.

In doing this, it became apparent this isn’t a very accurate method in some areas, for example the ‘aliment’ area clearly should be sub-categorised into physical and mental and the severity of the aliment. However, this first pass was useful. Further iterations might include more accurate numbers based on real wage statistics for improved accuracy, and might have more extreme numbers as a result.


My biggest issue with this concept is it wipes out victims. By the argument that a minority female can’t be sexist or racists against her perceived oppressors you are on dangerous ground. Suddenly everyone is a class of oppression/privilege, and judged solely on the characteristics they have no (or very little) control over.

Under this concept women can’t rape men. Women can’t commit domestic abuse against men as to do so is simply them fighting against their oppressors. Where does it stop?

Can an ethic minority male immigrate rape or sexually assault white female citizens?

Let’s compare their scores on this simple scoring system. I’ve had to make some assumptions that they are both more likely to be able bodied, heterosexual and cis gendered.

Women, White, Able, Heterosexual, Citizen, Cis = 12/13

Man, Non-white, Able, Heterosexual, Immigrant, Cis = 11/13

As you can see, these white women are more privileged than these non-white men. A case could be made that the scale between citizen and immigrant should be increased, as a citizen is so much more privileged than an immigrant. If so, this oppression disparity would increase. If the immigrants in question were black rather than non-white it would also increase the disparity, making the sexual assault of white women simply an oppressed black man fighting against his oppressors.

As a real life example, the disgusting coordinated attacks on women by non-white males, many of whom are allegedly immigrates on New Year’s Eve of 2016 in Cologne, Germany [6].

As demonstrated by the appalling lack of response and outcry from Intersectional Feminists it appears that white female citizens oppress these male immigrants, and thus cannot be raped by them.

Instead there are calls to shame and silence those who speak out against the non-whites raping white women. The SJW and Intersectional Feminists calling people racist to shut them up – effectively ignoring the victims of this horrendous crime.

Where does this slippery slope end? Can a transgender, homosexual, disabled, black, female immigrant do anything wrong? Should we all be judged by our group characteristics rather than our individual actions and ability?

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  1. you deserve a cookie!
    great article!

  2. Why does this look like something specific german citizens could have written between 1939 and 1945?

  3. Why does this look like something specific german citizens could have written between 1939 and 1945?

    1. We should all wear badges that have our oppression number, that way we can easily identify how oppressed you are, and act accordingly.

  4. But they're not attacking oppressors, they're attacking people stupid enough to open their doors and save the savages FROM their oppressors, rather than let them kill each other off in their own country!
    What's the old song about the woman who brings a snake in from the cold, it bites her and kills her, it reminds her she knew what it was?

  5. According to this chart we should free a bunch of black, cis, able, citizen, males (11/13) from prison convicted of rape because if they raped a white, cis, able, citizen, female (12/13) it was just them acting against their oppressors.

    As shocking as that sounds, I don't think many people would be for that.

  6. Just a heads up: You forgot to factor in weight. Thin people opress overweight people.

  7. You have literally tokenized "victimhood". Well they are certainly token victims now.

  8. This is hilarious and scary at the same time.

    1. It's getting even more and more ridiculous.

  9. This is hilarious and scary at the same time.