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EgaFem the Enterprise - Vision

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Author: Blaise Wilson

Egalitarian Feminism is a community dedicated to instilling basic principles into Feminism.

At the moment the dominate form of Feminism believes in equality of outcome. Outcome Feminists do not believe in principles. They demand freedoms are restricted in order to 'protect' women physically and psychologically. This is dangerous, as without these freedoms men and women are at risk of losing their basic human rights and the ability to challenge dangerous ideals. Lessons from history have demonstrated the risks of societies without principles.

In order to protect these rights, our goal is to instil basic principles into Feminism. We intend to be the positive change we want to see in Feminism. We plan to grow to become the mainstream version of Feminism. With enough people, enough of a voice Opportunity Feminists can become the dominate voice, drowning out Outcome Feminism. Once Outcome Feminism has been subverted, Opportunity Feminism can use the power of Feminism to protect basic humans rights and principles.

These principles are:
  • Personal Liberty 
  • Personal Responsibility 
  • Equality before the Law 
  • Freedom of Assembly 
  • Freedom of the Press 
  • Freedom of Speech 
  • Freedom of Thought 
What does 'good' look like?

How will we know when we've achieved the vision? When the majority of Feminists defend principles, rather than attack them. When Feminism stop silencing others. When Feminism can stand on evidence and debate rather than use logical fallacies as common tactics. The fight will be won when Feminism defines equality as Equality of Opportunity for the Individual.

Our measurement will be influential feminists. Those with a voice, in positions of influence and power such as the UN Women. When they fight for principles, when their measure is Equality of Opportunity as their vision of Feminism, not Equality of Outcome. We will have won when the majority of influential Feminist voices are Opportunity Feminists.


For this to happen people need to understand the different definitions of equality and their impact on society. A distinction must be made between Outcome and Opportunity Feminists.

Simply by laying down this foundational step by discussing these ideas and raising awareness will help the fight.

Constraints and Boundaries

Although one day the aim will be for Opportunity Feminism to spread about the world, we are only small. We need to target one area and then grow. Perhaps one day we will be able to target additional locations, but for now the UK and US will be the primary locations of interest.

As the community grows we may have enough dedicated individuals to start a second target area. And a third, and so forth.

A key constraint is resources. As EgaFem grows it will be able to take on more, do more and spread faster and further. We will start small and grow. Develop over time into a strong voice.

Manpower is the most important limiting factor, more than money. Even with plenty of money, without the time and effort of people EgaFem cannot grow.

Lifecycle and Framework

EgaFem will use an evolutionary lifecycle model. This means it will change over time, update and re-evaluate itself after receiving feedback from the community and stakeholders.

The Zachman Framework and Viable System Model will be used to support the creation of the enterprise.

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