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Author: Blaise Wilson

In order to reach EgaFem's Vision, we will use several strategies.

Lead from the front
We will lead by example. We will be the change we want to see in Feminism. Feminism is defined as fighting for equality, with the emphasis on women's perspective. Under this definition we have EVERY right to call ourselves Feminists.

Change must happen from within. As Feminists, we have every right to try to change Feminism.

This change includes holding Feminism to a higher standard of debate by providing unbiased evidence, avoiding logical fallacies, and practising good debating techniques.

We admit there is a problem with Feminism, and it needs to change. Feminism should change to fit women, it should not demand women change to fit Feminism.

Promote Principles
The rejection of basic principles and human rights by Outcome Feminism is problematic.

EgaFem will promote the basic principles of:
  • Equality of Opportunity
  • Personal Liberty
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Equality before the Law
  • Freedom of Assembly
  • Freedom of the Press
  • Freedom of Speech 
  • Freedom of Thought
These principle apply to adult humans who are mentally able to make decisions. Children and those who are incapability of decision making cannot be held to the same level of responsibility.

EgaFem will promote these principles, even for those who disagree with us. We will criticise those who break these principles.

Freedom of Thought allows women to choose to be #WomenAgainstFeminism, or even Men's Rights Activists. Women (and men) are free to choose which labels they apply to themselves. Feminism should not demand everyone be feminists. Feminism should be something individuals wish to be a part of, something to be proud of. However, we respect the choices of others to choose whatever label they wish. Feminism is an Ideology . Within the Free Market Feminism must compete with other label to attract people.

The test for the principles will be the #NounSwap test. In this a statement will be made and then the nouns swapped out for gender, race, religion and so forth. The opportunities, principles, and social reaction should not change when the noun changes.

Where changing the noun has an impact, it should be investigated to discover why this is the case. Suggestions on how to fix it can then be investigated.

Caveat: The only time these principles could be broken is when human lives will be lost as a result, although every effort should be in place to ensure the equality based on ability. An example of this is careers in which physical ability has an impact on saving lives such as the military and emergency services.

We reject the dehumanization of humans, including men and of those who disagree with Feminism.

We reject the assumptions that gender is 100% a social construct, however, we recognise that social pressures do play a role in 'acceptable' gender behaviours and that this can change over time. But biology has a lot to answer for, including men and women, on average, having different 'norms'. Men and women are different. And this is ok.

EgaFem will explore the differences of gender from physical and physiological perspectives in order to apply this knowledge to different issues.

Woman's Accountability, Empowerment, and Patriarchy

Equal rights come with equal responsibilities. In order for women to be truly equal they must have equal responsibilities to men, this includes taking equal risks. Women are adults, and should be treated as such.

We define Patriarchy as the system of society in which men hold the majority of power and resources. However, unlike most Feminists we go one further and explain why this happens.

We believe Patriarchy stems from a society that protects women over men. Men take the risks, and are rewarded for it through the power and resources they (rightfully deserve to) earn. This is perceived as Patriarchy. Historically, this has allowed our species to grow. Women are the biological limiting factor in our genetics (consider how many babies a women can have in her lifetime versus a man). However, the human species has been remarkably successful and it is time women stepped up and begin to take the risks that previously fell to men, and earn the associated rewards. It is time for women to take the responsibility for their own safety away from men, and to do it for themselves. This is EgaFem's interpretation of Feminism.

Thus, any attempt to provide increased protection and safety to women, but not men, is damaging to women. This is the essence of Patriarchy, in which men face the dangers of the world and are rewarded for it, while women are protected, kept at home and denied opportunities of social rewards such as resources and influence.

In order for women to be equal to men, male and female lives must be equally sacrosanct. Women's lives should no longer be considered more precious than a man's.

A victim is a victim. Everyone deserves help and support, regardless of their gender, and regardless of the ratio of the gender of victims within the issue.

Going hand in hand with this, a perpetrator is a perpetrator. Women are human, as such are capable of evil. Their atrocities will not be glossed over and ignored. This includes supporting for provable false rape allocations to be pursued under the law, and the recognition of female perpetrators of domestic violence, and rape.

EgaFem will encourage women to get out of the victim loop, and accept personal accountability. This starts with recognising women's actions. Women's action will not be ignored, denied or blamed on others. Women are responsible for their actions, to deny this is to deny women's agency. It disempowers them.

However, we recognise that biology will still play a role within Patriarchy and it will never be completely removed. The aim is to explore what changes within society we can make in order to reduce the social influences of Patriarchy, for example the reporting of tragedy within the media should no longer focus on the female casualties, but on all casualties. Male and female lives should be given equal weight within a story.

We also recognise that the concepts of Patriarchy and Gynocentrism are interlinked, with heavy emphasis on attraction of individuals being linked to health and resources.

Misogyny and Disempowerment

EgaFem will criticise those who claim women are psychologically weak, such as claims women are only capability of following a crowd and unable to think for themselves.

EgaFem will criticise those who claim women are incapable of success without additional help and support. However, if there is true discrimination this should be sought out and addressed on a case by case basis and those responsible be held accountable. But equality of opportunity does not create equal outcomes.

EgaFem will provide unbiased evidence to shatter illusions put forth by Outcome Feminists to further their agenda.

EgaFem will address the unjustified levels of fear of Outcome Feminism's narrative that keep women in fear and disempowered.

EgaFem will call out misandry and misogyny within Feminism, when we see it.

Through feedback, research, and connecting with others EgaFem will grow and change. All aspects of EgaFem, including the Vision will be reviewed periodically and changed as new thinking and perspectives arise.

Because of this EgaFem welcomes feedback, constructive criticism and engagement with everyone. This includes talking to those with different views, including Men's Rights Activists.

Where inequality is found, campaigns and action may be recommended. These can be found at:

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