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EgaFem the Enterprise - Introduction

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Author: Blaise Wilson

After investigating the definition of 'equality' [1], establishing a campaign to differentiate Outcome and Opportunity Feminism [2], and then discussing the problems with Outcome Feminism, concluding that the root cause issue of modern feminism is a lack of basic principles within mainstream feminism [3] this has given Egalitarian Feminism a much greater focus on what it wants to achieve.

Step one: Admit there is a problem.

There is a problem with Feminism. A huge problem. The lack of principles is causing demands for human rights to be restricted to protect women's feelings. A society without principles is dangerous - just look at the holocaust in which Jews were dehumanized to a point of concentration camps. No one could speak out against that evil.

Principles within a society protect women. Principles are a social imperative.

The loss of principles would allow men and women to be silenced, to be dehumanized and to be treated with inequality. This would be a huge step backwards in our history.

And it must be stopped. These are fighting words.

EgaFem, as an Opportunity Feminist, declares war on Outcome Feminism.

Feminism means Equality - but outcome or opportunity?

Challenging the current status quo stranglehold that Outcome Feminism has on our society will be hard. It will be a struggle. It will take time, effort, and a lot of voices. We need to come together as one voice. We have a plan.

The plan is to build a community. A strong voice . However, people are difficult. People are annoying . People make things complicated.

Our new mantra: People, Patience, and Politics.

In order to provide some structure and firm foundations, to allow the EgaFem community to work together towards a common goal of instilling basic principles back into Feminism to save our society, EgaFem is going to be treated as an enterprise.

No, not the Kirk kind.

EgaFem will be treated like a huge organisation. Although we are only tiny now, the plan is to grow - and grow fast. We're not picky - we don't care what label you use. If you believe that Feminism should have basic principles then you are our ally. You can help, even without using the Feminist label yourself.

Even, brace for the shocker - Men's Rights Activists and #WomenAgainstFeminism.

Yes, we don’t CARE what you label yourself as. All labels are wrong, but some are useful. What we care about is your beliefs, your actions, and your words. We respect you, please show us the same courtesy. Joining this community DOES NOT make you a Feminist. What you choose to label yourself as is no one's business but your own.

But if you believe we can do some good in this world. Then join us, lend us your support. Spread the news.

Feminism will never die - but it's course can be changed. It happened from 1st to 2nd Wave. We can do it again. We can #TakeBackFeminism.

So why use the Feminist label at all?

We get this question a lot. There are several reasons but the important one right this second is 'change is internal'.

You cannot change something by standing on the outside, yelling at it.

Change must come from within.

It is hugely important that we are Feminists. And by the dictionary definition we have EVERY right to call ourselves Feminists. Either Feminism needs to change the dictionary definition to exclude Opportunity Feminists or accept us as Feminists.

If they choose to redefine Feminism to mean Outcome Feminism, this not only excludes 1st Wave Feminism as being 'true' feminism but would reveal to the world their true face.

Overnight people would see Outcome Feminism for what it is.

No more NAFALT (Not All Feminists Are Like That), no more using Opportunity Feminism as a shield.


Why treat EgaFem as an Enterprise?

In order to build a strong community, we must have strong foundations. We must know where we stand. We need to work together, not against each other. This will be our biggest strength. Outcome Feminism is unorganised, disparate, and has plenty of in-fighting. This is its greatest weakness. One we mean to exploit, because only by them coming together and re-defining Feminism can they win. But that very act of being clear about their aims will be their downfall. No more hiding.

By laying down firm ground rules, processes, and strategies we can build that firm foundation needed.

Using an Enterprise Architectural Framework. Wait… don't run away! Come back!

It's not scary. It’s all being taken care of. Blaise Wilson is a strange creature who does this kind of thing for fun, and as a founder of EgaFem will take care of everything.

Over the next few weeks articles will appear and grow. They will change as time goes on as new thinking updates the strategies, but think of this as the 'behind the scenes' of a film.

Here is an idea of some of the topics to be covered:
  • Vision 
  • Strategies 
    • Vision Strategy 
    • Decision Strategy 
    • Information Strategy 
    • Resource Strategy 
    • A bunch of other strategies 
  • Governance 
  • Organisation Role and Responsibilities 
  • Stakeholders 
  • Taxonomy
This might seem a bit of over kill. But we plan to grow, and grow fast. By putting things in place now, it will be far easier than attempting to do this later. And it keeps Blaise amused and out of trouble for a few weeks.




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