Saturday, 28 November 2015

The Outcome of Outcome Feminism – Part 9 – Campaigns and Action

Author: Blaise Wilson

The Outcome of Outcome Feminism Series:

Part 1 – Factors to be Controlled:
Part 2- Assumptions:
Part 3 – Freeing Women's Time and Money:
Part 4 – Cultural Pressure :
Part 5 – Discrimination:
Part 6 – Discussion of Assumption 6:
Part 7 - Discussion of Assumption 1:
Part 8 - The Outcome of Outcome Feminism Conclusion:
Part 9 – Campaigns and Action: This article.

This is a summary of the Outcome of Outcome Feminism series. It includes campaigns and action that can be taken forward. In addition it highlights further work for EgaFem to do.

Lastly, it provides some suggestions to empower individuals on actions they can take if they have been discriminated against, or what they can personally do to improve the Gender Wage Gap.


These will need further development, and a champion. These will be captured here:
  • Dear White House – US centric suggestions to improve the Gender Wage Gap
  • Make the Gender Wage Gap measure more appropriate, or replace with a better measure of opportunity and discrimination
  • Investigate the suggested, and additional, solutions in a wider context. After a trade-offs and a balance of investment, implement the ones worth implementing
  • Stop using solutions that break the basic principles such as Positive Action and Quotas
Further Work

During this series some wider topics have come to light. Further investigation and evidence into these topics may prove insightful when addressing Feminist issues.

During this investigation it was suggested that Outcome Feminism does not comply with basic Principles. An investigation should establish what evidence there is to support or disprove this claim.

Discrimination: Empower the Individual

If you think you have been discriminated against, here are some suggestions on what you could do:

We do not give legal advice. You must take personal responsibility for your own choices, these are just some ideas.

Reduce the Wage Gap: Empower the Individual

There are some actions every individual could take in order to be more aware of, and support the reduction of the Gender Wage Gap.
  • Improve your own self-confidence
  • Improve the self-confidence of others, including dependants
  • Join a campaign
  • Encourage others to join a union
  • Join a union
  • Research and empower though knowledge e.g. a philosophy course, critical thinking course, self-empowering course, self-confidence course. Read up on the Gender Wage Gap
  • Celebrate stay at home parents
  • Celebrate people who love their chosen careers regardless of pay
  • Help people who are not happy in their current role by helping them work out what they want, and how to get there
  • Encourage a culture of openness about terms and conditions within your own company
  • Ensure you always uphold the basic principles
  • When basic principles are broken, call it out
  • Do not use the Gender Wage Gap as evidence of discrimination or opportunity
These lists are not exhaustive, but hare a good starting point.

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