Sunday, 12 June 2016

EgaCom - the Egalitarian Community

In only ten months EgaFem has grown, and it became apparent we needed to expand into a community to achieve our goals. EgaFem was never meant to work alone, the whole point of using 'egalitarian' in the name was to show our commitment to working with others, including MRA groups.

Hopefully, after many questioning our use of the 'egalitarian' label, we can finally demonstrate and achieve our goal of focusing on women, while working with and connecting to groups who bring other perspectives.

Introducing our Brother Site

After finding MRAs were somewhat tentative about working with a feminist group (and let's be fair, who can blame them!) we started our own EgaMRA We will be looking for some content creators. I personally (Blaise) neither have the time, nor do I think it is practical to try to run both myself. So I will be looking for content from others for EgaMRA while I focus on EgaFem and continue with overarching themes and admin. But I will post on EgaMRA every so often.

If you know anyone with a story they need to tell, or want to write an article on a topic for either EgaMRA or EgaFem, please let us know (Contact page:

One thing I am keen for EgaMRA to do is to provide a place men can tell their stories and show the world, and other men, what it is like to go through society from their perspective. This is under the assumption there is an empathy gap between how society treats men and women. I believe if we show the world that men are not only human, but individuals rather than a rabble of this ridiculous notion known as 'toxic masculinity' perhaps it will be harder for society to focus only on women's needs but remember men and women are symbiotic. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Helping men, helps women.

We are particually interested in content that EgaFem and EgaMRA can write about how they impact the genders uniquely and highlight how benefits or negatives for one impact the other. It would be great to work towards common goals and find overlap between feminists and men's rights. The fight between feminism and MRAs does not help the victims of either gender. Within the EgaCom (Egalitarian Community) the victims needs come first, and petty squabbling could be more harmful than helpful. Instead of looking a for a fight, let us look at how we can change solutions, assumptions and challenge ideas that are harmful

However, EgaMRA and EgaFem are NOT places to attack MRAs or Feminists. Generalised attacks on MRAs and Feminists is not acceptable. Highlighting truths and areas we disagree with, questioning and exploring ideology of specific feminists or MRAs and their actions is fine. But down right hate of the entire group is a big no-no.

Remember, 'not all'. Not all MRAs are women haters who spend more time bashing feminists than helping men. Not all feminists are marxist who support female supremacy.

A Community Hangout

We also needed somewhere neutral to discuss ideas. Somewhere people can join in the debates, provide evidence, and join in without having to use the feminist label.

So now we have a place for both EgaMRA and EgaFem. And that place is Reddit.

It seemed like a good choice as anyone with an account can talk to us, whereas making a new forum would force people to create a unique sign up just for us. It also has great features for debating, able to reply and see threads easily and naturally allow the best ideas to gravitate to the surface over time.

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