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The Outcome of Outcome Feminism – Part 8 – The Outcome of Outcome Feminism Conclusion

Author: Blaise Wilson

The Outcome of Outcome Feminism Series:

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Part 2- Assumptions:
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Part 8 – The Outcome of Outcome Feminism Conclusion: This article
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In the conclusion to the Outcome of Outcome Feminism series, it is established that Third Wave Feminism is a rejection of basic principles, which is an insult to their own historic roots.


The Outcome of Outcome Equality Feminist series concentrated on the Gender Wage Gap as its example. It looked at solutions suggested by Outcome Feminists, including the assumptions those solutions were built on.

Here it is brought back to the main premise of this series - the Outcome of Outcome Feminism.

The Outcome of Outcome Feminism Conclusion

As discussed previously [1], the Gender Wage Gap is an unsuitable measure of discrimination and opportunity, based on false assumptions [2]. The first suggestion is to find a more suitable measure of equality of opportunity. This test must respect that men and women are physically, mentally and chemically different and thus tend to make different choices in life – and thus will have different outcomes when considered as a whole.

This respect should include the choice to be a stay at home parent. Being forced into any role should be fought, but for those who volunteer to raise the next generation or to look after a loved ones should be celebrated, not berated.

The Gender Wage Gap in the UK compares oranges and apples – full to part time workers. If the Gender Wage Gap is continued to be used it should always be represented the components of full and part time workers separately. It should include all sources of income, including benefits.

Although all these solutions may work to reduce the Gender Wage Gap, EgaFem believes in Principles that should never be broken. These principles are more important than the Gender Wage Gap, and so solutions that break them will be rejected.

EgaFem’s core principles are:
  • Equal Opportunity – The #NounSwap Test
  • Personal Liberty
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Rule of Law
  • Free Markets
  • Freedom of Assembly
  • Freedom of the Press
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Thought
  • Political Freedom
Rejected Solutions

How solutions are implemented may save them from the rejection list. How they are designed and managed will have a huge impact on their effectiveness on producing equality of opportunity and reducing discrimination.
  • Making preschool education compulsory – Personal Liberty
  • Pay individuals to raise their own kids – Personal Responsibility
    • UK Benefits
    • Welfare
    • Laws
    • Government schemes
  • Force on-site childcare facilities – Free Market
  • Tax men and women differently – Equality of Opportunity
  • Education to encourage women into non-stereotypical career choices – Equality of Opportunity if only provided for women.
    • Encourage women into higher paid jobs - Equality of Opportunity if only provided for women.
    • Provide personal mentors to women - Equality of Opportunity if only provided for women.
    • Scholarships for women in non-stereotypical roles - Equality of Opportunity if only provided for women.
  • Treat men and women differently – Equality of Opportunity 
    • Pay women more – Equality of Opportunity, Free Market,
    • Positive Action to provide additional support to women – Equality of Opportunity
  • Quotas – Equality of Opportunity, Free Markets
  • Create well-paid jobs tailored to women’s needs – Free Markets
  • Improve regulations and standards tailored for women – Equality of Opportunity, Free Markets
  • Improved self-employed woman’s networking opportunities – Equality of Opportunity unless also improved for men
Approved Solutions for Further Investigation

This isn’t to say these approved solutions should be adopted without further consideration! Or that this list is exhaustive. These, and additional options, should be investigated further and a trade-off done. For example raising minimum wage has huge knock on effects and could end up being more detrimental than positive as companies are forced to fire employees to cover increased costs.

These solutions do not break EgaFem’s core principles – however it does not mean these solutions will be effective in reducing the Gender Wage Gap. In addition, these are not personal endorsements of individual EgaFem members, simply solutions that do not break the core principles.

These solutions have been categorised according to personal opinion on how effective they would be in reducing the gender wage gap, considering the discussions of the solutions in the earlier articles:

Least Effective:
  • Raise minimum wage
  • Education on the harms of social norms
  • Force companies to publish gender based statistics
Medium Effectiveness:
  • Shaming and praising (must be done with care, to ensure it does not back fire and damage the Feminist reputation e.g. shame stay at home mothers)
  • Education to encourage everyone into non-stereotypical career choices
  • Provide personal career mentors to everyone
Most Effective:
  • Encourage (not force) men to do more childcare and housework
  • After school programmes
  • High quality, affordable, flexible, and reliable childcare offered from birth
  • Flexi-time
  • Clear advanced work schedules
  • Encourage on-site childcare facilities
  • Transition from part to full time work
  • Improve self-confidence for all
  • Improved punishment for discrimination
  • Equal pay for broadly equal work, with checks in place to ensure this remains
  • Encourage a culture of openness about pay and benefits
  • Encourage individuals to join a union
US Centric Note:

The US has a 23% full time wage gap, compared to the UK’s 10%. Some of the solutions highlighted in this series have been implemented by the UK but not the US. These may explain some of the difference in Gender Wage Gap. If the White House is serious about reducing the Gender Wage Gap, they should consider their position on:
  • Allowing employees to join a union
  • Paycheck Fairness Act – allow individuals to discuss their work contracts and benefits
  • Paid leave, including paid sick leave
  • Where benefits are given, provide it on an individual entitlement, not household
  • Scrap higher tax on second family earners
  • Paid new parent leave
Discussion of this Series

This series discussed the Outcome of Outcome Feminism. By using outcome as a measure of equality, many of the Outcome Feminist suggestions would have a negative impact on equality of opportunity based on gender. Without principles some of the suggestions they put forth would ultimately cause discrimination based on gender in pursuit of a misguided measurement.

The Outcome of Outcome Feminism is the rejection of core principles – which could have dangerous consequences in the long term. For example, freedom of speech. If the patriarchy theory is correct, then Outcome Feminists should be fighting tooth, nail and claw to ensure principles like freedom of speech are respected to the nth degree.

After all, surely if freedom of speech was removed the first thing any true patriarchal society would do is to silence the women? Thus, Feminists who are against basic principles could be doing themselves, and women as a whole, a disservice in the future.

Further investigation into the topic of Outcome Feminism and Basic Principles is needed.


To summaries EgaFem recommends:
  1. Investigating a more suitable measure of effectiveness for opportunity and discrimination that respects men and women are different, including different average outcomes.
  2. Investigate current solutions and consider stopping those that break the basic principles, use the funds to put into more suitable solutions.
  3. When the Gender Wage Gap is used, always segregate full and part time workers. It should include all incomes, including benefits.
  4. Respecting and celebrating stay at home parents, they have the greatest influence over the future. Celebrate individual’s choice of career, stereotypical or not.
  5. Where individuals are forced into roles, ensure they have the support to be able to escape.
  6. Investigate additional solutions and those suggested above, implementing the ones that are worthy after trade-off analyse and have evidence it would improve equality of opportunity and/or lower discrimination.
  7. Ensuring principles are upheld at all times, for everyone, to ensure the long term freedoms of all - including women.
The conclusion to the Outcome of Outcome Feminist series found that Feminists who seek Equality of Outcome at the determent of Equality of Opportunity believe principles should not apply to everyone. This puts them at risk of denying other principles such as Personal Responsibility, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thought and so forth.

The loss of principles could have a devastating impact on women (and men) as they loss the rights fought for by First Wave Feminism. As such Third Wave Feminism is an insult to their own history.

Egalitarian Feminism believes in principles. We are a throwback to First Wave Feminism’s core believes of Equality of Opportunity. Thus, we reject Third Wave Outcome Feminism and we reject the concept that Gender is a Social Concept - a false assumption [2] that must be made for Outcome Feminism to justify its actions.


[1] EgaFem discussion on Assumption 1 – the Gender Wage Gap is a problem that needs to be fixed: accessed 21/11/2015

[2] EgaFem discussion on Assumption 6 – Gender is a Social Construct: accessed 21/11/2015

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